Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (Dydd Iau un deg tri)

Thirteen things in Welsh. With pronouciations and translations.
My Welsh isn't brilliant but I thought it would be a fun TT.
Every letter is pronounced - unlike English were there are silent letters. The accent is on the last but one syllable. Today I'm concentrating on things to do with the weather but some other bits as well. Oh! somethimes there are differences between North and South words so I'll use north as that is where my Great Grandmother was from but it really doesn't make a huge difference.

1. Celfyddydau (Celfithudow) = Artistic/crafty/creative

2. Sut ydycg chi? (sit uhdich chee) = How are you? (north welsh)

3. rwy'n (rooeen) I am (north welsh)

4. Mae hi'n (mahee heen) It is

5. Y tywydd (uh tuhoo-idd) The weather

6. Oer (Oheer or Ohr) = cold

7. Boeth (boyth) = Hot

8. Bwrw glaw (Booroo glahoo) = raining

9. bwrw eira (booroo eheerah) = snowing

10. heulog (heheelog) = sunny

11. wyntog (oointog) = windy

12. gymylog (gyhmulhog) = cloudy

13. Nos da (nohs da!) Good night

Hope you had a fun time learning Welsh. Maybe I'll do it again. To visit more Thursday Thirteens go to the home page here.