Monday, January 29, 2007

Just another Manic Monday

Have you ever danced under the stars?
I can't remember a specific dance but I'll have done a twirly thing once or twice.

Have you ever listened in on a private conversation?
Intentionally - no, but some people talk so loudly that you can't help but overhear. What is really frustrating is when they are on a phone and talking loud enough to deafen the poor person on the other end. If it's a private conversation keep it that way please!

Have you ever splurged on something you normally wouldn't purchase? What was it?
I'm an expert at impulse buying! I really,really really really really really (you get the idea) wanted a digital camera so bought one that was far more expensive than I needed, but I made a saving because I got it from a specialist shop and it was second hand! Still more than £200. Considering I have 2 SLR camera, a caseful of lenses, a couple of compact film cameras and access to a compact digital camera. I didn't need the camera, just wanted it. It's now an appendage.

I love taking a photo and being able to print it out or put it on the internet there and then.

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Rose said...

Hiya. I really enjoyed your Manic Monday. Maybe you could take part in my Funny Monday?

Lisa said...

Oh yes, camera equipment is a weakness of mine. Did you take the photo that is the background of your blog? It's lovely.

Thanks for playing Manic Monday.

Melissa said...

I'm with you on the too load phone conversations, its very annoying.

My Manic Monday is up too.