Sunday, November 26, 2006

Weekend's nearly over.

Sunday evening doesn't take long to come around does it. I am sure weekend days are shorter than week days.

We've had some weather here. Yes I'm English, talking about the weather gives it away. It rained a lot. We had floods. It makes the valley where Thor is kept lovely. He is above the flood line but his field gets a bit water logged as there is a pond and under ground stream as well as a spring.

I love the valley in flood. Especially when the sun is out after and the water is reflecting the sky. It's a beautiful shade of blue and the fields are a rich green. Even at this time of year.

Otherwise it's been a quiet weekend. I was going to do some cybercropping on UKScrappers. But my PC was being a total pain in the butt. I didn't want to read the discs with all my digi stash. I did get one paper layout done. That was a cheat, as it was mostly done, just needed some finishing off. But it fitted one of the classes and I did it in CC time so I counted it. I also came unstuck trying to have too many windows open at the same time.

Craft Kingdom is also doing some cyberclasses. One a week in the run up to Christmas. Mandy is doing these and they are great so if you are interested in anything crafty, with a scrapbooking slant, these are for you.

My new PC will be here soon and it's bigger and better than the one I have, it's nearly 6 years old so has done brilliantly but it needs to retire.

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