Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday Feast

Have you ever changed a flat tire by yourself?

Yep, it's easy. Left is loose - Right is tight. Remember that and you can undo your wheel. Well in the UK that is.

Do you have an "innie" or an "outie" belly button?

Innie and it's full of fluff :D

Name a new paint color and describe it.

It's not new, it's the colour in my bedroom. It's called white chocolate and it looks exactly the colour of a bar of white chocolate.

Main Course
What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Christmas Morning - Going to the farm early in the morning to spend some time with Thor. And if the weather isn't too bad having a ride all decked out in tinsel.

Church does a Carols by candlelight service the nearest Sunday before Christmas and I love going to that, even if it is freezing in there.

If you were a cookie, what kind of cookie would you be, and why?

I'd be a chocolate chip and nut cookie. Why? Because that's what I am and I can't change it. Even if I wanted to.

If you're feeling hungry you can join the feast here


Gabrielle said...

You have a yummy bedroom :)

Sanni said...

Thanks for the yummy feast...

Your bedroom sounds delicious =)

Wishing a wonderful weekend from an oreo-cookie to a choc-chip-nut

Sanni from Germany

Ma said...

What a great feast! I like your main course. We used to go to candlelight services on Christmas eve when I lived on the Big Island. It was always so beautiful and so inspiring.

Barbara H. said...

The white chocolate sounds like a lovely soft white color. I'm a chocolate chip, too, but without the nuts. :)

Anonymous said...

Great feast... sounds like a tasty cookie

Christine said...

What a yummy bedroom you have!White Chocolate is my favorite!
I love going to candelight/carol church service too.
Have a wonderful Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Nice feast!. Love your main course and your soup sounds divine!

Anonymous said...

Yummy feast! Your main course sounds like a wonderful tradition and our desserts are very similar! Thanks for visiting and happy Friday:)

Wystful1 said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the bedroom!! Wowzers, that sounds so lucious and inviting!!

Your holiday tradtions sound super also.

But, your soup...I choked on!! ROFL -- just kidding!!! That was hilarious.

Thanks for the drop-by, have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

It sounded Welsh but I couldn't think of a ddyd in any words I knew... as I only know about 10 Welsh words it's perhaps not that surprising.

Thanks for the reply!

Anonymous said...

Great list!

I like the colour of your bedroom...
=) *yummy*

Enjoy your weekend,
Greetings from Germany,

Anonymous said...

Never done the Feast, but think I will be joining next week... nice feast here

Cheryl said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Pretzels dipped in white chocolate! Haven't had that in a while. Did you accent with brown?

Anonymous said...

Nice feast. :) Great salad, main course and dessert. That colour sounds delicious! A ride all decked out in tinsel sounds fun. :)

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Melli said...

I think that lefty loosey, righty tighty thing works all over the world! Great feast! White chocolate... hmm... I'd be eating the walls!

Nadiah Alwi said...

Agree with the others about your yummy room!


Thanks for the visit...