Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about My Glovebox

Thought it might be interesting to share the contents of my car's glovebox. Can't promise it'll be pretty! :D

1 A pen
2 A Notebook
3 Set of keys for my horsebox (truck if you're in the USA)
4 Noddy doll
5 Tigger McDonalds toy
6 Ally McBeal soundtrack cassette tape
7 Sacred Spirit Native American songs cassette tape
8 Sweet wrappers
9 Small Can WD40
10 Car's manual and service book
11 A few copper coins ammounting to less than 10p
12 Breakdown Service membership card
13 a fluffy"Thing 1" from Cat in the Hat pen topper

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Anonymous said...

Quite a list of items in your glovebox! Some of them useful, some, not-so-useful. ;)

Have a good day. :)

Bunny said...

Your glovebox looks like it's quite a big one, or stuffed to the brim! Mine couldn't fit all that inside.

amy said...

Great list..Im not sure I want to open mine. But I cant wait to have hidden treasures in there.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

YOu must have a big glove box or a very full one!

Great TT! Mine are up!

Le laquet said...

I have 2 curly-wurlys, a snail shaped coffe scented candle and candle holder, a tube of handcream and a book to read at the level crossing around the corner!

Nothing useful at all :o)

wolfbernz said...

Sounds very full. Every Glove box should have a small can of

Anonymous said...

how funny! i haven't opened mine up in a while so it's still a mystery for me what's in there. Although I'm probably going to do a list of the nastiness in my car pretty soon. thanks for stopping by! happy tt!!


Your list of things are not so bad.
Thanks for dropping by.

Cheysuli said...

What is a sheet wrapper? Not that I have a glove box to put one in. Did you know they don't allow cats to get driver's licenses?

Tracie said...

Sounds pretty similar to mine....except that mine also has lots and lots of napkins. My husband always puts extra fast food napkins in the glove box "just in case"....we have at least 100!

My TT is up!

Barbara H. said...

I haven't looked in mine in ages -- I wonder what is lurking in there....