Tuesday, October 17, 2006

one day in history

History Matters is wanting as many people to join in with it's blog as possible. I just blogged. Go and join in. If you want to know what my entry was I copied it below for you. You have until the 1st November to do your blurb.

Here's the linky thing

Yea for Tuesday! It means Monday is out of the way and there are only four more days until the weekend :)
Today is being especially boring. I was supposed to be on a Fire Risk Assessment training course because of the new regulations that came in place at the beginning of the month. There weren't enough delegates so the course was cancelled. I am booked in on the next course at the end of November.
I should really tell you about my job. I work for a volunteer bureau. This is like a job centre for volunteers. The main part of my job is to have a chat with people about volunteering and find them something suitable to do. I enjoy this because I love to chat to people. I hate the paperwork which goes with it. Paperwork is needed because we are funded by the local county and town councils and they want stats.
What else about me? Well I live in a town with a bad reputation but it really doesn't deserve it. I think it is no worse than anywhere else. The centre is being remodelled which is needed. There is currently a campaign to get people in London to move here. Locals think this is very funny because the main selling point is that it is only an hour by train. The town doesn't have a train station :D It's a 20 min car or bus ride to the nearest train. Also there are no amenities such as a shopping centre (being remodelled), night life, cinema or resturant. The general things that people,espcially from London, take for granted.
There is a castle. I pass this four times everyday. I have a horse, who lives in a field 6 miles from my house. The castle is on my route to look after him.
So back to work. Today is being taken up with making sure I have all my paperwork sorted and up to date. Tonight I have to attend college. I am studying IT. How computers work, rather than how to use applications and software. I did a course 20years ago straight out of school but technology has changed so much.
I have a blog, which is the height of fashion, so I will update it. I think that today I will copy this into my blog to promote this project.
The reason I am doing the "one day in history" is because I am tracing my family tree and love things like social history. It's great getting names and dates but to know how people lived in a certain era is interesting to me.


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Celfyddydau said...

Anonymous - you've found my blog! Great. That must mean I'm getting out there.

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Museum of London said...

Hi Celfyddydau,

I enjoyed reading your One Day in History post. You managed to capture the essence of what the National Archives were trying to do with the History Matters campaign which is why I’d like to invite you to take a look at a new website called “Map My London” which has just been launched by The Museum of London: (www.mapmylondon.com).

Map My London hopes to revolutionise the way the history of the city is gathered and displayed. It would be great if you could take a look at the site and see if you would be interested in getting involved with uploading your impressions and memories of the capital, to help us create an emotional memory bank.

You will be able to upload your experiences about the city onto the Map My London site under headings including “Love and Loss”, “Beauty and Horror” and “Fate and Coincidence”.

The site will support contributions in the form of text, digital photographs, video clips and sound recordings and the best thing is that you will be able to have a link directly to your own personal map to put onto your blog.

If this is something that you think that you’d like to get involved with, please visit www.mapmylondon.com. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the website.

Well done on the cool blog (I'm a massive Tolkein fan!) – I’ve got it bookmarked, so you might see some more comments from me in the future ;)

Kind regards
Rax, Museum of London