Sunday, October 15, 2006

Feeling blurgh. Think it must still be the after effects of Kay's hex . Sore throat and swollen glands, feeling a bit fluey and drained. Spend a huge chunk of today in bed.

Work has been super busy this week and next week looks to be not a lot better. I've hardly been able to get on to my favoutite forums that much either. You know where I mean by now. Craft Kingdom and UKScrappers

It's interview time. My boss left and I;ve had a temp boss who has to go through the interview process. She is in a shortlist of 2. The other one is only in the shortlist because it would have then been a shortlist of one. Only 3 people applied for the role. I would have but I am still lacking in some areas.

I think that the person who has been acting boss will get the job. Not sure if she wants it though. There are a lot of management issues that if she isn't allowed to control she will not take the job. I think I'll be able to talk her into it as she only wants to do it for a year and that will give her time to train me up and then I can apply for it next year. That's assuming that I don't take offence at being passed over for promotion if/when she goes.

I really want her to take the job as she has more hands on experience than the old boss who was very good at deligating to me. It turns out that I have been doing a lot of stuff that I shouldn't have. Such as the stats and returns for funders.

Also I am on about £3k less than some other people who are in a similar role but with less to do. Mainly the other people in my type of job just do the interviewing and refering of volunteers. I do a whole lot of governance and funding advice as well.

Potential new boss is causing waves by saying that I should be entitled to a pay rise. Gotta love that

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Anonymous said...

Hey Celfy, hope you feel better soon, I was wondering where you had been, I thought you had gone off us!! Oh BTW when you do manage to pop along to the kingdom make sure you try the SG pumpkin skin for some spooky forum fun!!