Friday, April 27, 2007

Update on Cam

Hurray he's home!

Picked him up yesterday at 3.30pm. He'd been on a drip for 24hrs and was eating a little without being sick. Fortunately this meant that the vet didn't need to cut him open to see if there was anything that wasn't showing up in the other tests.

I'd like to thank all our lovely friends who have phoned, texted, emailed or left messages in other ways for thier support.

So although it cost a lot of money I know that Cam doesn't have any other problems that you would associate with an old dog. His heart, liver and kidney are all fine. He has no "masses" or tumours. And all the other blood tests came back as normal. It would seem that for some reason this bout of colitis was a bad one and knocked him off his feet.

The only thing with colitis is that there is no prevention, it is something that progresses with time. Some dogs have infrequent attacks. Such as Cam and some end up with it constantly.

Todays big news. Well he pooped real poop! So he no longer has the runs. It is very strange to see an elderly dog bounce about like a puppy just because he pooped. He has always been prone to do "Snoopy dances" when he's happy.


mandy said...

aww, I'm so pleased he's home, sorry I was a rotten friend and didn't support you half as much as I should have :( :( :(

Still wubs ya :D

Celfyddydau said...

Yeah but you had poorly nose and were in hospital too.

Arlene said...

I'm very glad he's home and getting better! I'd be so worried if my puppy was sick :-(