Monday, March 12, 2007

Manic Monday 12 March 2007

Imagine you are on a first date and the person you are with has food stuck in his/her teeth. Would you tell him/her? What if he/she had food on their chin, nose or shirt?

Yep, of course otherwise they would be wondering why I've spent the whole time with a silly smirk on my face! Plus it would save them the embarressment of someone else (like the waiter) pointing it out. I'd hope they'd show me the same curtesy.

Not sure how to get food onto the nose though!

What breakfast cereal best describes your personality?
I don't eat cereal and am not sure if UK cereals will translate to USA. But probably Crunch nut cornflakes. I'm nutty and flakey and sweet like honey :D

Who would you most like to have a dream about tonight? What would you like to dream?
I'd just like a full night's sleep! Hahahahaha.

Those who know me well will know who I'd like to dream about and what that dream would entail. Those who don't know can take a wild guess!


Desert Diva said...

Nutty, flaky, and sweet like honey - too funny... Have a great week!

Arlene said...

You're so funny!!
My son gets food on his nose all the time, and I have NO clue how!!

Fleur de Lisa said...

I'd say someone would have to dive right in to get food on their nose, but it's possible!

Nutty, flaky and sweet like honey- I love that one.

Braden said...

Interesting breakfast cereal! :)