Thursday, March 08, 2007

Feeling Blurgh

Wow it's a long time since my last post. To be honest I haven't been on the internet a lot at all recently. Not been visiting my favourite forums (listed left). Even Craft Kingdom hasn't been getting the usual attention.

I have been super busy at work. For some reason I am expected to do what they want me to all day! The newsletter has been produced and mostly posted, but the photocopier packed up today and I am waiting for the engineer to call. I have been exhibiting and interviewed by the BBC. I have an excellent face for radio :D The week after next I have 3 days that I will not be at my desk for various reasons and next week I have one day out.

I have been so tired after work that it's been all I can do to watch the baby panda at Atlanta Zoo's website. I've been tired a lot since my car accident, but it seems to be starting to pass. Look out next week I hope to get some dented car pictures up for Wordless Wednesday.

I have added babelfish to the sidebar so that any one who's first language isn't English can get a translation into their own. A pretty nifty peice of software I think. Let me know what you think.

Can anyone recommend a great Thursday Meme now that Thursday Thirteen is no more? I love going around and reading other people's blogs. Something else I've missed in the past week.


Rebecca said...

I thought I saw a Poetry Thursday (or, em, maybe it was Tuesday) somewhere once.

Not to start a discussion in comments, but I agree on the price snobbery on lenses. Some lenses are very clearly not as good as others ... but sometimes those are the more expensive! As someone else mentioned, it really is harder than buying a car.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

Rebecca is correct;

Poetry Thursdays at

Other Thursday ones I sometimes participate in are...

Inspire Me Thursday

Photo Thursday

Photo Sharks

Biker Betty said...

Thanks for stopping by and visiting. I love crafting and just getting into scrapbooking and will have check out your links.

Sorry to hear about the car accident. Glad to hear you're getting more back to normal.

Take Care,
Biker Betty :)