Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Blogger has been a pain and I've not been able to sign in for a couple of days. It's sent me mad! Well now I can get in I'll have to sort out Wordless Wednesday and think about Thursday 13. Anyone fancy a Welsh lesson?


MC Milker said...

Yes! I want one! How about Welsh words about Spring...start with rain!

On a trip to Wales I was enchanted by the people, loved the scenery and despaired of ever seeing the sun.

Frances said...

I finally got to comment at the last Blogger blog I visited - after a half a dozen attempts.
Your WW wouldn't display when I came by to visit.
But I shall return!
Take care,

mandy said...

I love the welsh, I once taught myself welsh when I was a teenager, I can only remember snippets though, so Bore da en cariad which I think means "Good Morning my Darling" or something like that anyway LOL!!