Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday 13 on Thursday 15th.

No theme, just whatever's in my head.

1. OUCH!!! from both my car and me. A guy in a 4 wheel drive backed into me last night. I was stationary. My car has a dent and I ache. Watch out insurance claim.

2. We had snow last week. Not a lot but enough to make life interesting for a couple of days.

3. My brother visited at the weekend.

4. edited to protect the innocent.

5. My dog has a wart on his face, Bazooka Gel is getting rid of it.

6. We rearranged the offices at work. I ended up moving the entire contents of one department on my own! I had the next 2 days off with backache and I had to see the osteopath. Thank goodness I have insurance for things like that.

7. another edit :D.

8. My horse is such a baby, he wears a blanket but the other night he was shivering anyway and had to have 2 on.

9. My dog has decided that it's time to get up when it's light! He used to decide it was time to jump on the bad and suggle.

10. I started Pilates and my stomach is already flatter.

11. I need to see the osteopath again after the car accident but can't get in until next Thursday.

12. I did 7 layouts at the crop last week! I was sooooooo tired after. (for those who don't know. It's scrapbooking - making photo albums)

13. I haven't struggled with this TT as much as I thought I would. I better keep the other things in a list for another time.


Misslionheart said...

I need to do Pilates. I've had four babies and my belly is enormous!

Di said...

I need to do Pilates too! You are very busy and productive. Where do you find time to blog????

Anastacia said...

I could write on my Thursday 13 that I am not even sure what Pilates are, but it sounds good! So you have a horse & a dog, too? Lucky you. I'd have a zoo if I could.

Jane said...

Oh I must try Pilates!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your list! I wish we'd get some snow. I'm sorry to hear you got backed into last night!

You have a gorgeous layout and design for your blog!

Thanks for visiting my TT, and Happy Thursday!

Gattina said...

You know, hangovers don't have any age, you can get it even at 100, lol. The problem is most people don't know when it becomes dangerous !

Mert said...

I started pilates combined with core/ball exercises before december but had to quit because of surgery... i really should start again. Sorry to hear about your car accident, i hope you feel better soon. Happy 13!

Raggedy said...

Great list!
Mine is posted.

amy said...

You are one busy person! I want your motivation

Arlene said...

Happy Thursday! I swear I'm going to play next week :-)

Sanni said...

Pilates... a great idea for my alien pregnancy belly LOL.

I´m sorry to hear about your accident - hope you will be well soon!

Sunflower said...

I am late for the TT:-)

I will Exercise for Comments!