Monday, January 08, 2007

Ugly Betty

This has just been aired in the UK this weekend. I caught the first episode last night.

I really have issues with women being classed as ugly if they wear glasses and are not stick insects and are not blonde.

This may well be because I have a few more pounds than I need. (Victoria Beckam can have them) and have myopia so need glasses. I can't wear contact lenses because I have too much calcium in my tears and the contacts get wreaked from build up. I also have dark hair.

My big bug bear is the putting on glasses makes you ugly. People have glasses because of a sight problem. They would never have gotten away with "Wheelchair Betty" .

Maybe people who think it's fun to make jokes at the expense of people with eyesight deficiencies should think about the impact this has. How many people with glasses are called "Geek" or "Nerd" or "Speccy four eyes"?

Why is it that men can wear glasses and be thought of as being good looking or intelligent? That the specs enhance them and yet for women...?

Don't anyone dare say that I can diet ( I eat less then 1500 calories a day and nothing with more than 5% fat in it), dye my hair (being blonde makes me look anaemic) or have corrective eye surgury (it costs a fortune, doesn't always work and my sight level would mean that I'd still probably need glasses).

Anyway why should women who aren't blonde and skinny have to try to fit into this wierd sense of normal and beautiful. Who's idea of female perfection is this?

Dawn French looks happier and healthier than any catwalk model. And so do I. After all beauty is only skin deep and even the skinniest person is going to get old. I so hope that Betty isn't given a make over.

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