Monday, January 22, 2007

Manic Monday 22nd Jan. The real one

Here's today's questions. At least I'm all caught up.

Have you ever made snowballs and preserved them in the freezer?
Nope, but that's a great idea. Then I could throw them in summer, Thanks!

Have you ever had a cooking disaster?
One time I was following a receipe for coconut cakes, it said toss in coconut. so I threw the coconut into the bowl with all the other ingredients. What it meant was to toss handfuls of the cake mix in coconut to coat them.

Hey how was I to know? I was only 6 and the fact that I could follow a receipe is amazing to me.

Have you ever sent or received a piece of fan mail?


fleur de lisa said...

Tossing snowballs in summer is great fun!

Now I want to read your fan mail. ;-)

Glad you enjoyed the questions and thanks again for playing.

Rose said...

I get fan mail all the time. It says how much they hate me. Muhahhaha