Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just another Tuesday

Morning all. Spent a happy half hour in the hospital today. I don't need surgury on my knee now.

It's amazing that since the PCTs joined together to make one big one and the hospital is not getting the money owed I've had two ops cancelled. 4 months ago looked like they were desparate necessities and now they aren't. Don't know if I sould worry or not.

Anyway I have to go to physio instead. Yep I'm sure that excercising a knee that is so painful that after 10 steps I'm in agony is a brillaint idea. The surgeon was also talking about steroid injections into it.

PC is all ordered and I did a thing where I work out my income and expenses, I should at the end of the month if I don't do anything other than pay things like rent and loans/credit cards come out with the grand total of £17. Hmmmm not a lot really. I am thinking that next year I'll go along to the bank and talk nicely, see if I can't get a loan at a lower rate. Stick the credit cards on it and hope for the best. Either that or sell my body. Not that anyone would want to buy it.

Off to college tonight, very exciting, lets learn how to dismantle a PC and see if it works when we rebuild it. There is one guy who just has to turn up and his PC commits suicide. Seriously every week something goes wrong with the machine he touches. He seems to have ADHD or something as well. Including me there are only 4 people who should be in that class. The rest don't have a scoobie. Tonight is the first night of the new module and we have some more geeks joining us. Will have to update tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, I just saw your link at the thursday thirteen site, so I'd thought I'd stop by to say hello.
So. Hello. :)
The Tolkien quote you have on your blog is one of my favorites as well. I think I'll drop by again when I have some more time, to check out the rest of your blog...it looks very interesting!
Good luck with the knee!