Sunday, October 08, 2006

I thought weekends were for relaxing!

But it seems I was wrong!

It started to go wrong on Friday. My PC keyboard died and I had to order another. Wonderful DHL were supposed to deliver it but I ended up having to collect instead! Glad that I did as those goons had been throwing my parcel about and the keyboard was broken! It not far from DHL to PCWorld so I went to complain. They gave me a keyboard straight off the shelf. I have no idea why they just couldn't have done that in the first place.

Saturday - was it really only yesterday? I went to a craft workshop making Christmas cards with Fantasy Fibre and Film. This stuff is great and really lends itself to Christmas. If you've seen Jane use it on Create and Craft, yes you can make more than butterflies and dragonflies. BTW the place where I go to learn is where Jane works.

After that I went shopping because my brother the gannet came to visit. I am amazed at how much one person can eat.

He brought his wife, 4 year old son and his 21 year old stepson. They live in the lake district. My neice who is his 21 year old daughter also came with her baby son. They only live down the road. Her other half didn't come because he's just joined a band and was at a rehersal today.

I managed to squeeze in a visit to the local village craft fair as well this morning. Not a lot of anything exciting. A couple of jewellery stalls. One with things made from glass; another with pottery and one with bird and bat boxes. The usual village cake stall and the rest seemed to be card making stalls, selling their own cards and fixings for cards for you to make.

Oh my brother has broken his wrist. Made him grumpier than usual! He fell downstairs sleep walking.

Anyway I am now so tired it's crazy. I did doze on the sofa after they left but I am now off to bed as soon as I finish typing this up.

Craft Kingdom is having a challenge - you have to make 10 Christmas Cards in 10 days. No prizes that I'm aware of but just a push for those of us who need it. Come along and join in the fun.

Pic is of my niece's baby, because I think he is a cutie.

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