Sunday, September 24, 2006

UKScrappers blog promt

So many of us rush through our days - Not letting the little things that usually mean so much to us get a look in, we fill our time doing things for other people, and putting so many people before us. If you could spend a day, doing everything for yourself, with no indulgence spared - what would you do.... 24 solid selfcentred beautiful hours!

Ooooh this is hard. Mainly because I just don't have to think about anyone else. Anytime off work would be great. So this is a totally fantasy day because I have ME/CFS and therefore low energy levels, also I'm not the richest person in the world. So in this dream I have endless energy and dosh!

I could start by having a huge crop for all my scrappy friends everywhere. All the stash we could possibly want all free. And we would all know exactly what we wanted to scrap; there would be no time wasted sorting; no scrapblocks; and loads of calorie free cake and effect free booze.

If it was just for me. I'd start with a good facial and hair doo at a top class, takes years to get in if your on the A list, spa. Probably a massage as well. Followed by all my favourite eatables. Afternoon would consist of seeing a show, all my favourite actors, private viewing, with a select few of course. No idea which show though. It might just have to be a made up one. :D After that I'd have a boat trip on a glassy moonlit sea. Considering this 24 hours is a one that I don't have to sleep in. I would have to include some of my favourite things, like photography and art, a flight to a foreign city like Paris to indulge in these and some shopping.

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